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It’s no secret that 18 year old Callum Hudson Odoi has been a sweet one in the German eye. As Bayern Munich eye him up with the hopes of signing him in the nearby future, the footballing world is torn as to whether they think he should stay at Chelsea or be allowed the move to Munich. Ultimately it is his decision… or Chelsea’s but they must act fast as Odoi who is out of contract in 2020 refuses to sign a new one.

“If I was his agent, I’d be sitting down with him and saying be patient, stay at Chelsea. Give it a while, you’re a young kid.” Paul Merson.

Do I agree? Meh, I’m torn. Let’s take a look at Jadon Sancho. Kennington, South London born and raised, on the playground was where he spent most of his days. No, seriously, he actually played cage football with the mandem before his efforts paid off at Watford F.C. Scouted by Arsenal and Chelsea, he chose to further his career in the blue side of Manchester. Though he was seen as a prize in Pep Guardiola’s eyes, Sancho made the tough decision to leave the UK and start fresh in Germany. “Moving away from home was the biggest challenge. Leaving my mum and my sisters behind, I miss them a lot. But I wanted to do what was best for me, and that was what I did” he explained when asked about it at his England press conference. The 18 year old rejected a renewed contract from City that would have made him the highest paid academy player in England. Big balls.

“We did absolutely everything but I think it was not the salary, maybe he thought he would get more minutes at Dortmund and I can understand that.” It’s with a heavy heart that Pep had to let him go, but he’s right; Jadon would receive more game time at Dortmund and that’s exactly what happened. He is now admired by many and a shoo-in to be amongst the greats of the newer generation. That’s all Callum wants. To be great, to be given the opportunity to be great; and he is not wrong for that.

When Premier League clubs speak on the English youth players, it is often with words of doubt *cough* Chelsea F.C. We often hear the same broken record: “He’s not ready”, “He has a lot of potential but…”, “He has to prove himself“. Well Chelsea, these lines have worked for the likes of Dominic Solanke, Tammy Abraham, Charly Musounda (the list goes on) but this time the fans are not hearing it. Just give him the minutes ! He had an eye catching pre-season, so why is he not playing more often? Yes, our Wingers are pretty much set in stone, however speaking on the behalf of Chelsea fans everywhere, we are tired seeing Willian play on the wing week in, week out. Especially now that they have adopted the false 9 role for Eden Hazard. At every opportunity, Odoi has shown that he is capable of playing at the top level. Kylian Mbappe made his first team debut aged 16 and it has been a pleasure ever since. At the age of 18 Marcus Rashford made his first team debut for Manchester United and never looked back. Leroy Sane, given his big break for Schalke aged 18. All of them receiving the support and faith from their birth clubs, proving to be worth the risk.

“There’s more opportunities to give minutes, you just have to wait to give them” Jody Morris.

Gonna have to disagree with you there Jods. English football has an illness so prominent within the top clubs of which they need to cure. Just to clarify by top clubs I do not mean Tottenham. Yes there are opportunities to give and yes our clubs are slowly starting to give our home soil kids a chance, but we still cling on to the need to sign external, foreign players. Upon the arrival of Leroy Sane, Sancho made the decision to leave. Over the weekend, Rio Ferdinand made a point of saying Chelsea would rather get the “finished product” rather than take the risk to play their home grown boys. Why ? Now, €60 Million for Pulisic for me was a daylight robbery. To buy this kid was a risk. The blues paid sixty million euros for a risk when they had an upcoming prospect in their pocket for free. Now I don’t know what they call this in modern day football, but for me personally, I call this Madness.

Don’t agree? Let’s compare Stats.


Apps (71), Goals (29), Assists (20)


Apps (140), Goals (29), Assists (37)

Assists are great and all, and it seems in double the amount of games, Pulisic has managed to record more assists. HOWEVER who is Pulisic going to be assisting? Is it Morata? Or is it big batty Higuain? Considering that end product is the problem that Chelsea is currently facing, it utterly bamboozles me to hear that they have now signed a kid who lacks end product. I may eat my words once he joins the team next season however, I’ll stick by my opinion that this was an investment that was not worth risking Callum Hudson Odoi.

Since Roman Abramovic has taken over the club, spending has never been the issue. It’s how to win trophies nowadays. You have to cash out ! Just ask Tottenham ! Never the less, they must invest wisely. Invest in the talent evolving in their academy. If they wish to develop their youth just to loan them out and buy a finished product, then by all means do so, but they must let Callum Hudson Odoi go. He is a talent that is not to be wasted or down played. If I was the Kid, I would be on my way out. As Chris Sutton stated on Premier League Tonight, Bayern seem to want him more than Chelsea do.

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