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Mourinho vs The World… 3rd Season Syndrome.

Updated: May 10, 2021

“My players like to be treated the same way. They want a coach who coaches with his head and, if that happens, there is no problem. The problem happens when someone thinks he is above the rest.”  Jose Mário dos Santos Mourinho… Félix

History dictates that Jose was loved by his players. After parting ways with Porto, he had several players pleading to leave with him. The class of Chelsea FC 2006 shed tears shamelessly. Champions of Europe 2010, Internazionale pleaded for the man to stay, whilst Marco Materazzi broke down on Jose’s shoulder. This is the reaction you’d expect for a man so loved within his respective field. However, regarding his most recent dismissal,  there’s a slight possibility that there was tears… of joy of course. I guess the special one isn’t so special anymore.

Mourinho vs Real Madrid – Date of Demise 20.05.13

Frank Lampard said recently he admired the way Mourinho protected Chelsea’s players in the press, but that was not his way when in Madrid”

If you piss off a Saint, then you better be prepared for what comes next. San Iker Casillas became black listed by Jose in 2011 following his “betrayal”. After reconciling with Xavi from what was a wild bust up during an exhilarating El Classico, Jose Mourinho felt that Iker Casillas had broken bread with the enemy. Journalist Diego Torres wrote, ‘There was a feeling that Mourinho saw him as a grass, a mole, a traitor and an egoist.’ Consequently he was benched and replaced by second choice keeper Adan. Though the fans and the results were not on the Mourinho’s side, he refused to let Casillas start another match… until of course Adan received a red card.

Casillas was the just first to enter Jose’s list of Benedict Arnold’s. After defending Casillas in the press claiming that he was being treated unfairly and deserved more respect, Pepe too made a feature to the list. Ramos later joined the list in his pursuit to defend Ozil. Rumours surrounding Ronaldo’s relationship with the head coach subsequently followed as he appeared to shout “Fuck you” in Portguese to the bench after scoring against Malaga.

Crazy to think the special one was bombarded into leaving the Bernabau. The dressing room division lead to senior players including Ramos, Ronaldo and Casillas to form a coupe and go behind the boss’ back, straight to the President. In accordance with this, the Madrid fans had had enough. They no longer backed the special one with his madness which aided the boards “mutual” decision with Jose that it was time to go.

Mourinho Vs Chelsea – Date of Demise 17.12.15

“I feel my work is betrayed,”… Mourinho’s favourite song.

Only God Himself knows what went wrong. Once adored by the Chelsea fans, Jose Mourinho turned into public enemy no 1. Within his two and a half year second term, he managed to win the League Cup, the Premier League and lose the the dressing room; it all took off with the “Daughter of a whore”. (Mourinho’s words, not mine !) The sacking of Eva Canerio was the first sign of madness. Eva did her job and was rendered as a “Puta” for it. Poor Woman. After parting ways with the club, claiming the boss had made sexist inappropriate remarks the countdown to Jose’s departure commenced.

As if falling out with his medical staff wasn’t enough, the players seemed to have forgotten their talent. Costa, Fabregas and Hazard, Chelsea’s catalyst for winning the Premier League the previous season had very noticeably failed to display their best efforts. Costa’s feelings toward the manager became apparent when he threw his bib at the manager during their goalless draw away at Spurs. During the early days of December, Hazard woke up one morning and decided he could not fake his relationship with the manager any longer. After being subbed off following his remarkable Champions League performance vs Porto, the Belgian shrugged off a handshake from Jose. A couple days later he woke up and thought, he should take himself off the pitch 30 minutes into Chelsea’s battle against Leicester with a “hip injury”. What a guy.

All the signs were there, the boss had lost the players. It was only a matter of time before he accused them all of blasphemy. Actually, it only took 10 minutes into the post match conference.

“I feel my work is betrayed. I worked four days in training for this match. I identified four movements where Leicester score a lot of their goals and in two of the four situations I identified they scored their goals. I went through it all with the players, you can ask them.”

Regarding Hazard’s substitution; “I don’t know what is wrong,” Mourinho said. “The only thing I know is that within 10 seconds he made the decision himself. He came off and said straight away he couldn’t do it. Then he tried and immediately he came back off. He made the decision to come off. So it must be a serious injury.” Seems like everybody else got the hint besides Mourinho.

A battle for relegation was almost certain but thankfully, Jose Mourinho was dismissed  by the Chelsea board for the second time before the situation had escalated.

Mourinho Vs United – Date of Demise 18.12.18

“He’s in denial, Jose – he’s in cloud cuckoo land. Liverpool were better all over the park for 90 minutes and he says: ‘For sure we’ll finish in the top six.'”

The third season syndrome manifests once again and this battle had produced some unwarranted casualties. A return to the top 4, Europa League victory and a League cup to show for Jose’s time in Manchester. Though grateful, the United fans grew restless watching their players become lethargic.

“We should just attack and press, like we did against Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal last season. When we play like this, it’s easier for us.” The spoken words of a tired Paul Pogba. After suffering a 3-2 defeat to Brighton, Pogba criticised his manager’s outdated style of play. “… obviously we should show more options of playing.” Consequently, Pogba became accustomed to the bench. His captaincy stripped following United’s exit from the League cup. Though the pair continued to avoid questions surrounding the apparent disharmony between them, the following footage revealed all.

Paul Pogba is just one of the few casualties from Jose’s battle with Manchester United. Anthony Martial, Fred And Lukaku have all been hit by Jose’s actions and … Wait one moment. Where is Alexis Sanchez ? Is he still injured ? After a pointless move to the red side of Manchester, it appears the former Arsenal star has lost form… dramatically. Is Jose to blame ? The Chilean was reportedly “frustrated” under the management of Jose Mourinho. His demise is something Arsenal fans hail however with suitable tactics the Sanchez of old could make a reappearance.

Okay, forget about his man management for a second; considering the number of offensive players at his discretion, the focus on defence eludes me. Your most attacking players will focus on tracking back rather than making moves into the 18 yard box ! This is the Era of attacking football Jose!

“Something has to change at the club. The board either has to get rid of the manager or back him and let him get the players he wants because there is a lot of work needed in that team. There’s a lack of ability.” Though I agree with the ultimatum, claiming Jose’s side lacks ability is far fetched.

Glimpses of what Manchester United’s attacking front is capable of shone in the games where Mourinho had a point to prove for his own pride. As a result they salvaged a point from both Chelsea and Arsenal and unexpectedly claimed victory over Italian giants, Juventus. The question remains, what happened against not just lower rated teams, but with Manchester City and Liverpool? Regardless of the socially constructed quality of  United’s squad, these matches should not have been a walk in the park for their opponents. On paper, this squad is more than capable of at least applying pressure. Their most recent defeat to Liverpool was a disgrace to their ability. £89 million worth of talent watching from the bench whilst Matic endured 90 minutes of being spun. Martial starting on the bench to aid a defensive formation. Lukaku running around in his Timberland boots, finding comfortability in Van Dijk’s pocket. Pride is what lost them that match not lack of ability. Well, I can’t speak on Lukaku’s behalf.

Following the defeat at Anfield, Manchester United were drawn to face Paris St Germain in the Champions League round of 16 ? Though I am not able to corroborate this claim, Ed Woodward’s presence was most assuredly requested immediately; thus the end of Mourinho’s Manchester Reign.

Jose Mourinho, The new Sam Allardyce?

What was an inspirational start to the Special One’s career has now deteriorated. Where his stubbornness will land him in future is unknown. Will he revert to back to the special one, or will he just simply remain “the happy one”? His defensive skill set is one that is needed at Craven Cottage, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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