Hitters In Paris.

The “Come Back Kings” are finally back at it again ! Having turned their season around, you just have to allow the Red Devils to reclaim their title. From sitting 11 points behind the top 4 to fighting for 3rd; notwithstanding the fact that they just beat PSG against all the odds ! Shocking scene’s ! The departure of Jose Mourinho, resulted in the arrival of success. Can Ole steer the wheel all the way to the top ? I’m getting some Roberto Di Matteo vibes ! Or maybe PSG are just the Champions League’s biggest bottlers? Hmm. Let’s recap.

Mbappe 1 – 0 Rashford

The tie was settled the second it was drawn. PSG assured to win months before the first leg whistle blew. The change in managers, from Mourinho to Solsjkaer and PSG’s injury list gave the United faithfuls a glimmer of hope but not enough to presume a win. With Cavani injured and Neymar resuming his Lannister duties, things were looking up for Ole; not to mention his incredible run in the league ! Unfortunately his unbeaten run across the board come to an abrupt end. Maestro Kimpembe and Kylian Mbappe had both hit the score board to land a foot into the the quarter finals of the Champions League. The jester, Di Maria with the assist danced and taunted the United fans on his former home ground whilst the King of Paris netted. The kid with the quick feet had struck on homeboy’s hometown. A quick run with a cool finish shut down the debate of “Who is the Youngest King in charge”. 

In the process, mighty red soldiers had fallen. Taken out of the battle, Anthony Martial and Jesse Lingard were both seen off by half time. Disaster for Ole, not just for the League, but for the second Leg. Only heavy foot Lukaku and Chicken Run Rashford could save them. 

Four matches and 3 wins later, United’s casualty list had lengthened. Joining Martial and Lingard was Mata, Herrera, Matic and Sanchez; With the Kings Guard, Paul Pogba out due to suspension, United was missing their entire midfield and a loaf of bread on the wing. How they managed to turn this battle around is unbelievable. Let’s take a hard look at the starting 11’s.

Men vs Boys. Goliath vs David. Quality vs Inexperience. How on Earth PSG managed to let it slip is beyond me ! Arguably the better team on the night and they allowed Romelu Lukaku, the first touch calamity merchant to score a brace ! Okay, let’s be fair here. Lukaku had taken off his Jeans and Timberlands in time for this match. We saw him play without the jeans on the weekend as he scored twice against Southampton, I guess yesterday he decided to offload the builder boots in exchange for some football ones. Quick and Clinical, the Lukaku of old showed up in the spirit of Thanos, ready to battle. Despite leveling the scores before Lukaku had attained his second goal, PSG were just unable to kill off the game. With 73% possession, the St Germain’s had 12 shots at goal and just 4 on target. Man of the Match defending from Chris Smalling limited the Paris Giants to secure the win but, can we say the result was fair?

Mbappe 1-1 Rashford 

Maestro Kimpembe back at it again, pivotal for another goal; this time it was for the wrong team. Caught turning in the air with his arms shifting from his side, back towards the ball, a penalty was given against him for handball. The Young King of Manchester was faced with a daunting task. Hit the target from 12 yards. Millions of people watching, well into extra time… severe pressure but not for a King. Scoring the goal sending United into the Quarter finals, Rashford had returned the favour and netted on Mbappe’s turf. Unbelievable scene’s Jeff ! However, with all good matches comes the controversy; was Man United’s late penalty, a penalty ? Was it clear and concise? Well, what can we say apart from …

Alexa, play Vegedream – Ramenez La coupe a la Maison 

With all their money invested into talent such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, you’d think they’d be dominating Europe by now. Being amongst the most expensive teams in Europe for over 5 years it was a standard set to be reached; however, it seems year after year they struggle to get past the quarter finals. Bottling the lead 3 times in 5 years it’s safe to say, the Football Gods cannot be bought.

2014 : 1st Leg PSG 3 -1 Chelsea,  2nd Leg Chelsea 2 – 0 PSG. (PSG lose on Away goals)

2017: 1st Leg PSG 4 – 0 Barcelona, 2nd Leg Barcelona 6 – 1 PSG. (REMARKABLE!)

2019: 1st Leg Manchester United 0 – 2 PSG, 2nd Leg PSG 1 – 3 Manchester United.

Back to the Farm lads !

“Maestro Kimpembe, Kimpembe, Kimpembe, Kimpembe”

Elite managers such as Laurent Blanc and Thomas Tuchel, both managing PSG sides full of great potential and promise. And that Unai Emery geezer was alright too. All have failed to get PSG to that next level of which their Quatari owners yearn for. Both tactical magicians and of course Unai Emery an alright geezer falling short in filling the void within that team. Who do we expect to fill that void and bless this ever so deserving team with Europe’s elite prize?


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