He Benches Every Winger in your League… A Rant.

The one… The Only…. EDEN HAZARD !

Pre warning: This is a rant.

“Obviously, there is Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, both of whom are spectacular, but I like Eden Hazard more.” Zidane

Wow, what an incredibly insightful tweet from such a magnificent lady who understands the game fully and can also make a mean dish in the kitchen ! Wow someone’s WCW.

It’s me by the way. I am someone’s WCW.

I start by saying, it is criminal to determine a player of Eden Hazard’s caliber by his statistics in the game. His statistics does not define his credibility as a player. Society and the media fall victim to raising a ceiling with the expectation of Eden Hazard to reach it, and for me that’s absolute rubbish. We often say, “Hazard is capable of scoring 30 goals a season”, but who exactly told you this and did Hazard himself text that source?

“I think that, sometimes, Eden is… If he scores one goal, he’s happy and then, if there is another situation, he prefers to make an assist rather than scoring twice.” Antonio Conte.

Again, scoring goals is not what Hazard has set for himself. Society has given him this ceiling to reach when he has no intention of scoring x amount of goals to bring your fantasies to reality. He doesn’t need to score a certain amount of goals to prove that he is a talent that should be appreciated and awed.

The fact that he has not scored enough goals every damn season but your former Premier League favourite’s considers him as a treasure, shows that he alone as a sole player has a major impact not just for the team, but for the prem. “Nobody can stop him. He has such great quality on the ball; he can create something from nothing and that is a sign of a special player,” Theirry Henry

“Switch on the TV and look at him. You realise his qualities. He is one of the best players in the world.” Pep Guardiola

He is a prize that every manager in this world is dreaming of bagging, and why ? He is a threat, hold up play is sensational, ball control? Out of this world, the most press resistant in the league. Give him the right manager to bring out his hunger for goals he is clearing everyone. With Sarri now, he’s having one of his best seasons and why ? Because Sarri is bringing it out in him. If he was not playing with arguable, Chelsea’s creatively worse side in the last 6 years, are you telling me he wouldn’t be hitting the numbers society yearns for him to reach? Come on man.  Put in him in Liverpool or City. If you had him in your team replacing Mane, Klopp being the great manager he is, would bring out this hunger and him and Salah will be unstoppable, never mind the magical touch of Pep Guardiola. Any top 6 team would be lucky to have him, which brings me to my cardinal point. He is walking into any team as a left winger in this Premier League.

Hazard VS Sterling.

Let’s go head to head.

You mean to tell me that with the same number of contributions to goal (24) Hazard does not take that left wing for City? You my dear are out of your mind if you believe otherwise. Acknowleding the undeniable talent of Raheem Sterling, the burgeoning Winger still has much to prove. Head to head attributes including, dribbling, creating chances, hold up play, link up play, assists, Sterling falls short to Hazard. Not by a long shot, but he does. Rather than replacing Sterling in that left wing, I see Hazard simply moving him to the right. Raheem Sterling has proven that he can play right wing and still be detrimental in City’s play. So why not move him right and make way for Hazard? Trick question. There’s no reason why. Take it or leave it. Hazard, like Sterling also benches Sane.

Hazard Vs Mane.

This in itself should be self explanatory however, here we are. Again, let’s go head to head.

Goals, just 3 more. Overall goal involvement… would you like me to do the maths? 17 involvments on goal for Sadio Mane, whilst Hazard is on 24. Now I often say stats ruin the game, and I stick by it here. So you tell me, who is a better talent on the ball, Mane or Hazard? Ha ! Fell for it again, trick question. It is Hazard. If talent isn’t enough for you these stats in itself show you that he would turn Mane into a bench warmer. You give Hazard half the chaces that Mane has had this season on goal, Hazard’s goal figures alone would be in the late 20’s. You give Mane 10 chances, he is only bagging twice.

Hazard Vs Martial .

This argument doesn’t even warrant my time but we move. For you stat merchants, head to head we go.

Need I say more?

Hazard vs Son/ Iwobi

LMAO! Just Kidding ! I’m sure this isn’t debated any way !

He had one season where he disappeared which was due to injury and managerial disputes of which we are yet to know about. If you was to slander him that season I’d 100% take it; but give credit where it is due. After carrying our team for years, he is still holding the mantle. Some may say what about Kante or Costa which is fair, however Costa would not have been what he was at Chelsea without Hazard, let’s be real. Their link up play was to die for.  Costa, he was a great striker because he had a great winger behind him. The only thing Costa has on our recent strikers such as Morata and Fatty bum bum is that he is clinical. Hazard feeding him the play, building up play was more detrimental to our title winning seasons in my opinion.

“Why couldn’t he carry you to the Title this season then”. FAM ! Have you seen the strikers we have signed ? Hazard not being able to elevate the team is again because he is not the goal scorer in our team. The mismanagement of Costa is to blame for our current situation and the inability to sign great strikers, so you cannot take that away from his game. Without Hazard on out pitch we will be 10th MAXIMUM. As a Chelsea fan it’s hard to admit but it’s true. His link up play, his eye for the ball, hold up play, press resistance, dribbling, passing, ability to run in behind defenders, his pace on the ball, the ability to confuse the defenders. That’s what he is great for. People need to stop missing this point of his game and expecting what he himself has not set a standard for? It’s gobsmacking. Really and truly, if Neymar said his game isn’t about scoring anymore and wants to stop scoring, his talent will not be questioned years down the line.

Some say their teams “philosophy” denies Hazard a spot in the start 11. If Hazard signs for your team, He will be the philosophy. He is the captain now.

The reason I say he’s the best is due to his key attributes which I listed above and he fact that he in my opinion has carried the team. Every title winning season who is the common denominator? Hazard. When Hazard wasn’t playing well, where did we end up? 10th. That alone is proof of his greatness. You just hate to see it. 🤥🤥🤥


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